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Neil Bartlett


Bndtools is an Eclipse-based development environment for OSGi bundles and applications that focuses on ease of use, rapid development and producing accurate bundle metadata.

Bndtools is an extension of bnd, the powerful bundle tool created by Peter Kriens.


Full documentation for Bndtools, including installation instructions and tutorials, can be found on the main Bndtools site.


Bndtools is licensed under the Eclipse Publice Licence and hosted at GitHub.

To report a bug or request a feature, please use the issue tracker on the GitHub project page.

To make a contribution — such as code, documentation or translations — please fork the project on GitHub, make your changes, and then send a Pull Request. Your contributions remain your property, but to be accepted they you must consent for them to be distributed under the terms of the EPL. For example you could provide this consent by including the following text in your Pull Request message:

All program codes and resources attached to this Pull Request are copyright [Your Name], and I consent for them to be licensed and distributed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License.


If you would like to support the continued development of Bndtools, please consider making a donation using either Pledgie or Flattr (for small payments, Flattr is likely to be more convenient).

Click here to lend your support to Bndtools and make a donation at!