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Neil Bartlett

About Me

My name is Neil Bartlett. I am a software developer, consultant and trainer specialising in Java, OSGi, Eclipse and Scala.

Neil Bartlett


See the training page for details of the training courses that I offer and the schedule for public courses.


I offer consulting services in all my areas of speciality. These services can include:

Please contact me for schedule and pricing enquiries.

Recommendations (via LinkedIn)

“I was impressed by Neil’s excellent technical skills and structured approach to problem solving. These combined with his creative thinking and innovative solutions mean I have no hesitation in recommending Neil to anyone looking for top quality IT Consultant.”

“Neil was part of a highly professional team of consultants on site at a Bank in the City of London. He immediately fitted in and took responsibility for some important components of the application being developed. These components involved unusual mixture of server and client code, i18n and business functionality. Neil was fast to pick up the requirements and delivered on time and on budget great implementations. I do recommend him for his work and his team spirit. He is highly technical architect and thrives on innovation and lateral thinking.”

“Neil has a first class technical background and constantly improves his skills with new challenges. You can count on Neil to deliver quality. Neil is highly literate and able to easily articulate technical issues in a way all people can understand. I have no hesitation in recommending Neil as a consultant and financial services specialist.”

“Neil is a meticulous developer with a great understanding of development languages, their syntax and building development environments for them. Neil is a good team player and is very responsive to the needs of other developers. I only worked with Neil for a short time, but I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil for other development roles.”