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Neil Bartlett

OSGi Training in 2012; London, NY, DC and Sydney

I will be running a series of OSGi training courses this year, with the first two being held in London and New York in February. The early bird pricing for London will expire in the next couple of days, so please do hurry to secure your place!

If you’re in North America and can’t make NY in February then there will be another chance to take the training in the Washington DC area (very close to Dulles airport). Then later in the year I will be down in Sydney, Australia.

You might be wondering about the “Masterclass in OSGi” series that I previously ran with Peter Kriens, who recently announced his resignation from the OSGi Alliance. Peter is very busy completing his duties for the Alliance and then will be fully engaged with his next venture, so he has told me that he is not able to participate in the masterclasses for the foreseeable future.

My new course is heavily based on the subjects and discussions that arose from the masterclasses that took place in 2010/11, though it is intended to be more accessible for OSGi beginners. I still believe it’s the absolute best way to quickly achieve a deep understanding and mastery of OSGi and modularity in Java, and I very much look forward to seeing you there.