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Neil Bartlett

Master OSGi this Summer

This is a *final call* for anybody wishing to seriously *master* OSGi. !/images/logomasterclassStockholmSweden201108.png!: The Masterclass on OSGi is approaching at the end of this month. It is a gathering of elite architects and developers from across Europe to learn about how to apply modularity in the real world. The plan is to lock ourselves into a hotel on a beautiful but remote Swedish island in the archipelago around Stockholm, and not emerge until we have solved the problems of modularity once and for all! Everything is covered: from top-down architecture to low-level details; through IDEs, build systems, repositories, deployment, distribution and provisioning. Okay so we're not literally going to be locked in, you will be free to explore the area, and you could even bring your partner and children. Make no mistake though, this is far more intense than a normal training course and you will probably be up late each evening bouncing around ideas or coding up prototypes to show off next morning. !bndtools) to make OSGi more comprehensible and accessible. If this sounds good then you're going to have to act fast, since the hotel has only a few rooms left. Just click the big banner above, and I look forward to seeing you there.