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Neil Bartlett

Bndtools in the Java Tech Journal

The Java Tech Journal issue 8 is now available for free download, and is dedicated to OSGi.

The JTJ is an impressive new publication from the folks at JAXenter, with each issue covering a different technology in depth. The current issue contains excellent articles by some of the leading names in OSGi:

  • A Gentle Introduction to OSGi, by Jerome Moliere from Mentor/J;
  • What’s New in Core 4.3? by BJ Hargrave and Peter Kriens from the OSGi Alliance;
  • Developing OSGi with Bndtools, by Marcel Offermans and Alexander Broekhuis from Luminis;
  • OSGi A La Carte, by Valentin Mahrwald and Holly Cummins from IBM Hursley labs;
  • OSGi and JPA, by Dmytro Pishchukhin;
  • The Cure for Complexity, by Richard Nicholson from Paremus (and President of the OSGi Alliance);
  • The Enterprise OSGi Specification, by Tim Diekmann from TIBCO and David Bosschaert from JBoss/Red Hat.

From a personal point of view I’m very pleased to see multiple references to Bndtools as a tool for developing OSGi bundles, not just in Marcel and Alexander’s article but also in Jerome’s tutorial and in Holly and Valentin’s piece about the tooling ecosystem. Thanks to all the authors for your kind words — your cheques are in the post ;-)

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements about Bndtools, coming up very soon…