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Neil Bartlett

OSGi Masterclass is Coming to America

!/images/posts/logo-masterclass-201101.png!: The Masterclass on OSGi is coming to the USA! After a successful first go in our back yard -- i.e., Europe -- Peter Kriens and I have fixed a date and location for the USA Edition: 18th to 21st January 2011 in Pleasanton California. I've never been to Pleasanton but it sounds... well, pleasant. And it's convenient too, being accessible by BART from San Francisco city and airport. But then again it's not *too* close to all those distracting highlights of the big city, and this is something we learned from the first class: a little bit of isolation helps to create a "pressure cooker" in which the ideas bounce around at high speed. It's exhausting, but definitely extracts a lot of value for the attendees. !>/images/masterclass01/2_web.jpeg! As for the format of the class, it is very different from your usual structured training. The masterclass is about achieving mastery of OSGi, and that cannot be done with a fixed slide deck. Instead we will look at the subjects that interest you, and work out how to apply OSGi to the challenges you see in your environment. Peter and I won't always have all the answers, but we usually know the right questions and have the experience to reach towards a solution together. But we also expect to have our own opinions and assumptions challenged. Needless to say though, we believe that our knowledge of OSGi is second to none. And I don't mean to imply that we don't have any slides, or that we have not prepared anything. I have a vast slide deck from my normal training courses, but this will serve as back-up material rather than driving the class. The price for the 4-day class is a very reasonable $2200, or $2000 if you register before 1st December. Also if you are attending ApacheCon in Atlanta this week, we have a special discount code for you which will be advertised at the Felix/OSGi meet-up on Thursday evening, and the OSGi Track on Friday. REGISTER HERE.