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Neil Bartlett

A Credible Specification and Standards Body

Doug Lea says that "the JCP is no longer a credible specification and standards body". He's probably right. However, a credible specification and standards body **does** exist in the Java universe. I will leave its identity as an exercise, but let me just point out a couple of its nicer characteristics. * It produces **fantastic** quality specifications. * It has worked effectively for over ten years as a collaboration forum for competing companies. * Oracle is a very active member, but Oracle doesn't own it. Indeed, all the full members have exactly the same rights. * All its specifications are open, and come with a non-assert patent pledge from the members. * TCKs are freely available to open source projects, and the majority of the RIs are in open source already. Of course, it's not without problems. The biggest is that membership dues are too high for small companies or academic institutes, and there is not yet a useful class of membership for individuals. But to be fair, if you pay your money then you can have the same rights (and responsibilities) as Oracle, IBM, SAP, VMWare and the rest. To quote my Californian friends: I'm just sayin'.