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Neil Bartlett

OSGi Masterclass with Peter Kriens and Neil Bartlett

"Peter Kriens": and I will be running an "OSGi Masterclass": in Girona, Spain from the 13th to 15th October 2010. The course is intended to deepen your knowledge of all aspects of OSGi. It is very hands-on and will cover the following areas: * How to think in Services * Distributed OSGi * Configuration * Persistence * GUIs * etc. The masterclass is preceded by an optional one-day introductory course on 12th October, for developers who need a refresher on some of the basics of OSGi. Both the introductory day and the masterclass are located in a beautiful "hotel near Girona": ! BALNEARIO VICHY CATALAN)! Girona airport (GRO) is a "RyanAir": hub and is therefore cheaply accessible from all over Europe. * "Full Details": * "Direct to registration":